Millions are fed up! This is what can be done

United States , Alabama , Mobile , Mobile

Posted On : 25/Jun/2022


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Website : G2Q71Recognize Needs to Keep our True Freedom ?! Give your support! if you like!  Minimal Startup!  * Millions like this movement !  Hi,  just starting this Support Plan to assist Freedom movement & convoys and New Review Boards W/ Actual Petitions likely! The more the Better! Most all are just Peacefully gathering and expressing their Concerns!  Legitimate and right. PROVEN now "Vaxx is likely Neither Safe nor effective!!  * Mandates based on Experimental, science Against Scientists and other Very Reputable medical professions without Debate, Full disclosure and Transparency does Not even Sound good!!  Fresh Reports, Proven True input and Best proven remedies shown. All on one site! Completely Anonymous! The goal of this peaceable plan is :Show Courage keeps Freedom & choice in current events Including lawful Deterrent actions.Sovereign states Declaration!