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Posted On : 22/Nov/2022


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This S14B23 inline-four was removed from my 1989BMW M3 and commissioned a rebuild that includedboring the block to 94mm and painting the inside ofthe block with Glyptal. A replacement crankshaftwas ground 0.010? before being installed togetherwith new bearings, forged IE H-beam rods, Carrillopistons, ARP hardware, and a baffled oil pan. Thecylinder head was refinished, and a Cometiccylinder head gasket was fitted. New timingcomponents include the chain, rails, tensioner, andhardware. The exhaust camshaft was replaced by aBMW Motorsports unit, and a new distributor wassourced. Also included in the sale are a wiringharness, airbox, ECU, starter, exhaust manifold,MAF, flywheel, fuel rail, fuel injectors, and more.The 2.3L BMW S14 inline-four features dual-overheadcamshafts and two throttle assemblies with twobutterfly plates each. The catalyst-equipped S14B23produced 192 horsepower and 170 lb-ft of torque.Asking $8,000