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Posted On : 20/Nov/2022


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Mobilett Mira Max1 is a fully digital mobile X-ray machine that helps to speed up the examination workflow. It makes mobile X-ray imaging effortless and fast, and with its powerful generator and MAX detectors provides outstanding image quality in seconds.Achieve mobile X-ray process efficiency with a digital companion that offers fast and reliable imaging results.


The Siemens Mobilett Mira Max is a portable X-ray machine with 35 kW (450 mA) imaging power. The Mobilett Mira Max is compatible with 2 different sized detectors, the MAX wi-D (14” x 17” x 0.7) and the MAX mini (10” x 12” x0.6”) which is small enough to fit inside an incubator tray. Automatic imaging processing with DiamondView Plus that enhances bone detail and tissue contrast without the need to increase the dose.


Highly  flexible tube arm that is easy to maneuver with it’s ability to rotate 180°.

All cables on the Mira Max run inside the tube arm of the mobile X-ray.

49” max. tube arm horizontal extension.

84” max. tube arm height.



The name Mobilett stands for mobility: the system is easy to maneuver, fast to use, powerful, and flexible in every situation. Today, however, just being mobile isn‘t enough. The device takes digital mobile X-ray imaging to the next level – with the new generation Mobilett Mira. With the possibility to choose between two detector solutions with an image quality comparable to that of high-end stationary X-ray systems, Mobilett Mira also answers our customers´ individual budget needs.

The Mobilett Mira comes with:

OneYear Waranty

Price is set at 31200$

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