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Posted On : 18/Nov/2022


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NIDEK’s compact YC-1800 Ophthalmic Photodisruptor offers the latest in innovative laser delivery and output technologies. Fast operation and ultra adjustability make the YC-1800 YAG Laser treatment system the finest available anywhere.


Reliable Laser Output:  The YC-1800 employs “D-pulse”, the advanced technology to control the pulse number under the CPU, providing stable laser output without being affected by environmental conditions and change over time.    Safer Rotatable Aiming Beam:  The dual 635 nm aiming beam offers superior targeting, which in turn enhances the speed and ease of surgery. The 635 nm beam is also safer for human eyes because it achieves the same crisp and sharp intensity of 650 nm or 670 nm beam with half the power output. The dual aiming beam can be rotated incrementally up to 360º permitting efficient and precise treatment.    Flexible Energy Settings: Energy can be set between 0.3 mJ to 10 mJ in continuous increments of 0.1 mJ allowing precise treatment of tissue.

This Nidek YC-1800 Yag laser is in excellent condition and comes equipped with:   

6 Month Warranty   

Operators Manual   

Calibration Post   

Adjustable Arm Rest    R

Reference Guide

*Power Table Optional

Price is set at $17,400

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