1000 Integrated Slit Lamp (532 Novus Spectra

United States , California , Riverside , Temecula

Posted On : 18/Nov/2022


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The 1000 slit lamp is a fully-integrated bio-microscope slit lamp laser delivery system, complete with built-in LaserLink™, parallel optics, magnification changer, micromanipulator and automatic eye safety filters, and wheelchair accessible power table.


This Lumenis 1000 Integrated Slit Lamp is paired with the Novus Spectra DP 532nm green laser console. It has been serviced to Lumenis factory standards and comes equipped with:   

One year warranty  

Novus Spectra DP Green Laser Console   

Foot pedal   

Dust cover   

Switchable arm rest

Price is set at $15300

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