FF 450 Plus Fundus Camera with VISUPAC

United States , California , Riverside , Temecula

Posted On : 18/Nov/2022


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The FF 450plus ensures fast, easy operation with motorized filters and professional exposure adjustment capabilities to which VISUPAC is tightly integrated. The result is a high-end and modular fundus imaging system, customizable for any clinical need. Matching the VISUPAC system pixel for pixel, the FF 450plus Fundus Camera sets the industry standard for image quality, offering outstanding and highly detailed image capture that optimizes the capabilities of the VISUPAC system.


This Zeiss FF 450 plus Fundus Camera with VISUPAC comes equipped with:   

Six month warranty   

Power table

Color, Fluorescein Angiography, and ICG filters    Manual 

Dust cover

Price is set at $13,500

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