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Posted On : 05/Sep/2022


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AdvertInboxModisehey, I want to advertise your link. please help me create a description short text to put when I post your link. https://earticlespower.wixsite.com...EEmily Modiseto me6 hours agoDetailsAwesome, Hello :) Description:E Articles Power is an initiative that is aimed at building young learners into becoming strategic leaders who will acquire interpersonal skills, quality reasoning capacity, innovative thinking, independence and becoming confident young leaders. Our article platform is dedicated to changing the traditional ways of career guidance by taking Primary School learners and exposing them to the industries of their career choice to ensure that we build a generation of confident learners who are sure about their career futures and do not have to wait three years before they obtain their Matric Certificate in taking that decision. Our articles are aimed to empower, motivate and inspire aspiring/ successful professionals/ entrepreneurs. We also commit ourselves to adopt these young learners through talent scouting and training them to ensure they become a success academically and with extra mural activities.