Seeking Partner for Tree Trim & Removal Company

Canada , Nova Scotia , Halifax , Halifax

Posted On : 04/Sep/2022


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A few months ago I took on a tree trimming and removal company as a client to handle all their bookings and advertising but most importantly to close the appointments to increase income.Over the last 7 years I have been making Realtors millions. Now I am looking to help small businesses and master my niche with tree companies. The results have been amazing.My last four companies these last few months I have partnered with are off to instant success in the first few weeks are generating thousands. I have data to prove after I find the right partner. I am not going to publish all my clients’ data.My partnership role and jobs:1) My team and I will handle all the calls, bookings, dispatch and invoice software. We use house call pro to book jobs and dispatch.2) My team will handle the accounting in real time with your help on each job. We run spreadsheets that you can turn into your tax person at the end of the year.!!! Important !!!! 3) My Team generates the leads and takes the calls and coordinates with you to get a good estimate to the client as fast as possible to win the jobs. We have our own -call center setup with American construction background appointment closers.Advertising: we handle the SEO, Google Business, Website, FaceBook Branding, Craigslist ads (reimbursed by you at close of week from jobs paid), Facebook Groups marketplace ads, local classifieds, maintain online company reputation reviewsWhat you need to have and be able to do!A truck, trailer, all equipment and tools to complete trimming, removal and stump grinding jobs.Do 5 star work for a 5 star reviewCommunicate with our team quickly so we can make you money and efficientlyWebsite : for kameronPhone : 623-439-8220